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mixed bag

A handful of Austen icons in a multifandom batch.

Clicky, clicky.

Emma, Pride and Prejudice

15 Austen adaptation icons in a multifandom post.

Here at my journal.

N&S, MP, NA & Pers

[10] North & South
[10] Austen adaptations (2007)
[15] Misc

At my journal here.


10 period drama icons in a multifandom post.

Emma (2009)

15 Emma (2009) icons in a batch of 60.

at my journal here

Persuasion (2007)

[20] Persuasion
[20] Secret of Moonacre

At my journal here.

icons: Emma 1996 (A&E)

As always, never alter my graphics, comment, credit, and enjoy!

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''Brother and sister? No indeed.''

Pride and Prejudice and Pictures!

Icons! And tumblr thingies! And icons!

clicky, clicky!

pride and prejudice

20 Pride and Prejudice (1995) icons here.